Chcete zažít v létě všecko? Tak přijeďte na Benecko!

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Family aréna

Family aréna

Čeká nás prodloužený víkend a tak ve Family aréně budou tubing a káry v provozu od soboty do úterý od 14-18 hod. Přijďte pobejt!

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September 2021

The air spa in the Giant Mountains, this is Benecko at the elevation of about 900 meters. Magnificent views and stay in the nature - in the Krkonoše National Park. Thanks to its unique location, Benecko is above the smog cloud level most of the year and thereby guarantees not only fresh and sweet smelling mountain air, but also the biggest number of sunny days annually.  The modern ski resort offers ideal conditions for families with children both in winter and summer.