Family Arena

Family Arena simply entertains you!

Try the NEW 100 m long magic carpet, which is one of the longest in the Giant Mountains, together with your kids. It will comfortably pull you uphill and you can give your energy to brushing up on your first ski turns, while riding down.

Slaloms, jumps, waves and teaching aids on the slope will certainly entertain also advanced skiers. The playful Zvon run with the speed radar and ski-cross track, connected with various runs of the Cinkáč lift, will please both your mum and dad - the blue eight hundred will challenge small venturers to conquer the run, while racing skiers can fine tune their form on the red and black run.

A tip:
Do not forget to visit your favorite Benecko attraction snowtubing. It is rewarding for both skiers, as well as non skiers.

We also have a dedicated area for sledding. But your feet hurt, right? Well take your ski pass with you and our magic carpet can pull you uphill! 

You can watch all of this on the first out of three webcams (webcams), which is located in the Family Arena.

Visit us also in summer!


You can ride special tubes also in summer! The downhill path is made up of an articial sliding chute with several curves, which you ride down in a tube. You will be pulled uphill by a NEW magic carpet. This attraction is suitable for kids from 4 years of age and adults up to 80 kg. Only one person can ride in one tube, please respect this rule, it is for your safety.

Mountain carts

Or mountain trikes are especially designed for riding on a grassy hill. They are equipped with two brakes, which allow you to control speed. They are intended both for kids and adults. It is possible to ride in pairs, which is most of all appreciated by mothers and fathers of the smallest children. Children can ride them independently from the age of 12. You can ride down the hill on a 200 meter run and the lift will pull you uphill. The maximum load of one cart is 100 kg.